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Boiler Installations

Nottingham Gas & Renewable Heating are here to help you every step of the way when it comes to getting your new boiler or central heating system installed.

A fully qualified engineer will visit your property to carry out a free survey and quotation for you.

We are now offering a fantastic 10 Year Warranty on Viessman boiler installations!

Points to note:

  • There is no obligation to buy
  • Low APR finance available
  • No deposit if required
  • We check out all competitions prices & offer a price match guarantee on a like for like basis
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Boiler Repairs & Servicing

Whether you have total boiler breakdown, an intermittent fault or a leak, Nottingham Gas & Renewable Heating highly qualified gas safe engineers will come out and fix it for you.

Boilers can break down from time to time and this can be a very inconvenient and a stressful experience, especially when you are left without heat or hot water. Thankfully at Nottingham Gas we offer a very quick call out service to ensure that we fix our customers’ boilers quickly and efficiently.

If your system is having an intermittent fault, or not working up to standard, Nottingham Gas offers booked engineer appointments from Monday to Friday in either morning or afternoon appointments.

To help avoid a costly boiler repair a central heating system should be regularly serviced to make sure that it is working correctly and it will help prolong the life of the boiler. A service will pick up any leaks; check the critical air-to-fuel combustion ratio and will, by checking the safety controls, help detect early failures so that they can get rectified in good time. Most boiler manufacturers recommend that a boiler is serviced annually & Nottingham Gas offers regular servicing for your boiler to help maintain it against future break downs.

Boiler Repairs & Servicing

Gas Fire Servicing

For maximum efficiency and safety it is in your best interest to have your Gas Fire regularly serviced.

Servicing your Fire annually will help to ensure its safe operation and help to prolong its life.

Well maintained Gas Fires will work more efficiently and will therefore cost less to run.

Faulty or poorly maintained Gas Fires can be dangerous and could cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

What We Make Sure Of:

  • Check flue is clear and working correctly
  • Clean catchment space
  • Clean burner, pilot assembly etc.
  • Check Gas Fire is working at correct gas pressure and burning correctly
  • Check safety devices on Gas Fire
  • Check safe operation of Gas Fire
  • Carry out flue flow and spillage test to ensure safe removal of Products of combustion

Landlord Certificates

Our gas safety engineers can provide a gas safety certificate or check which involves inspecting your gas appliance(s). They will check the appliance is working correctly and will check the following four areas:

  • Gas appliances are on the right setting and burning correctly with the correct operating pressure
  • Harmful gases are being removed from the appliance safely to the air outside
  • That any ventilation routes are clear and working properly
  • All the safety devices are working
Landlord Certificates

Central Heating Flush Outs

Quite a lot of people have heard about the MagnaCleanse central heating flushing system – and its partner, the MagnaClean filter – and we are finding that our technicians are increasingly being asked about it.

The point of the MagnaCleanse is to rid your central heating system of ironoxide sludge (rust) that builds up inside radiators.

Once the system has been cleansed it stays clean, due to the MagnaClean(filter) that is installed first; before the cleansing operation takes place.

The Advantages of Cleaning Your Central Heating System;

  • Removing extensive build-up of rust within radiators, makes them hotter and more efficient.
  • Radiators are easier to heat, so energy bills are reduced by up to 6% per annum, on average.
  • The reduction in sludge circulating in the system results in 30% fewer breakdowns in the system (boiler damage).
  • For the eco-warriors amongst us, the carbon footprint of the system is improved and emissions from the system reduce by up to 200-300kg per year/household.
Central Heating Flush Outs

MagnaClean System Basics

The MagnaClean system has been developed by a company called Adey and it operates using two main components, as follows:

1. A magnetic filter (MagnaClean filter) that is permanently fitted near to your boiler (on the heating return pipe) to catch sludge as it passes through the system.

2. A MagnaCleanse, which is a powerful magnet within a ‘swill chamber’ that a technician will come along and fit temporarily & flush out your complete central heating system. Using very strong cleaning chemicals it breaks down all the rust & debris which is then collected on the powerful magnet in the machine.

Here at Nottingham Gas Services we offer a discounted rate for a Magneclean Flush when you purchase a new Viessmann boiler from us.

Normal Magnacleanse Flush Out: £499.00

Special Offer for When you purchase a new boiler :  £299.00

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